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“Huadian Wenqiang” Self-elevating Offshore Wind Power Working Platform Succeeded in Pile Standing Te
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On December 26th, 2018, the “Huadian Wenqiang” self-elevating offshore wind power working platform which Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd (shorted as ROC) constructed for Jiangsu Land Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd has succeeded in pile standing test. The success of pile standing and pile pressing task is a strong guarantee for following debugging of 600T marine crane and lifting equipments system. It also lays the foundation for the successful completion of the project.

This platform combines installation and maintenance of “wind power foundation construction, wind power tower tube, tower, engine room, wheel hub and blade” together. It’s 120m in length overall and the moulded length is 78m, moulded breadth 38m, moulded depth 6.8m, moulded draught 3.8m. Its fore body is equipped with a 600T winding and swinging crane whose maximum hoisting height is 110m. At the portside of this platform’s stern, there is a 100T auxiliary crane which can help main crane finish lifting and installing impeller as a whole and other rolling or maintaining work.

This platform works mainly in offshore while can also be dispatched to non-restricted navigation area. It has 4 rudder propellers and 6 anchor machine which ensure the movement and locating in wind area while long-dispatch relies on professional tugboat. 78m long pile legs guarantee an effective working depth as 40m which can cover the requirements of China’s costal wind power areas near the shallow sea. 


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