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Blood Donation, Love Transmission
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Blood is the symbol of life as voluntary blood donation is the mark of civilization progress. In order to answer the call of “support public welfare of blood donation, promote human life with benevolence”, the company’s employees respond positively as soon as the Labor Union propose.

Under the guidance of on-site staff, they carefully fill in the blood donation registrations, take blood pressure measurement, do blood tests and queue up to blood donation in order. Colleagues who participated in this activity all said that voluntary blood donation can benefit our country, our people and themselves. It’s also the obligation of every citizen. When they donate successfully, there are happy smiles on their faces. The blood donation site was full of joy and pride of love donation.

 Though blood is limited, people’s true feelings are priceless. ROC has always been public-spirited to promote the development of public welfare. With regularly organized public welfare activities, ROC is aimed to establish a good identity of caring and giving back to society and carry forward positive energy. Each ROC employee will help more people with their efforts continuously.


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