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The project “Huadian Wenqiang” self-elevating offshore wind power working platform officially starte
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    At 10:18 a.m. on January 19th, 2018, the project “Huadian Wenqiang” self-elevating offshore wind power working platform officially started. Senior leader from many domestic offshore wind power industries, representative of bank, representative of government, representative of CCS and management of RHI have participated this steel cutting ceremony.

   “Huadian Wenqiang” is a four-leg non-self-propulsion self-elevating wind power working platform which has stream-line bow and stern, with two pieces of deadwood at stern. There are two 600kW rudder propellers at bow and two 900kW rudder propellers and electric propulsion plant at stern. Long-distance dispatch relies on tugboat while small movement inside wind power farm depends on propulsion system. This platform can meet the requirements of offshore working and non-restricted navigation area dispatch. It can also be used for wind power farm construction including foundation installation, tower, cabin, blade hoisting and so on.

   All staff from ROC have made full preparation for the steel cutting ceremony of. The company will take this chance firmly and abide by “Perfect performance”. To succeed in “Huadian Wenqiang” project and satisfy clients, the company will make concerted effort and hold together.


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