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The contract of “Huadian Wenqiang” self-elevating offshore wind power working platform has been succ
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     Recently, Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Land Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd signed the Contract for building one unit of Self-elevating offshore wind farm work platform (“Huadian Wenqiang”).

     This platform is designed with four legs, non-self-propelled, self-elevated wind farm work platform, has streamlined bow & stern, two logs at the stern. She will be towed by the dedicated tug for long distance travel, but the shifting and in position within the wind farm will be completed by her own power system.

   The LOA of this platform is 120m, Length Mld is 78m, Breadth Mld is 38m, Depth Mld is 6.8m. Four round legs with dia. 2.8m. The length of the leg including the shoe is 72m. Working depth including tidal range is 35m. The leg is designed to plug into the mud maximum 15m. Designed draft is 3.8m. Shifting speed is 5KN. Positioning capability: mooring. Endurance is 30 days. Complement is 75 persons.

     One pile driving, 360 degree rotation 600T crane is arranged at the portside of the bow, the highest lifting is 110m (above the main deck)/20m (below the main deck). One 100T auxiliary crane is arranged at the starboard of the stern. They are used for the construction of the offshore wind farm including foundation installation, lifting and installation of the pylon, engine and blade etc.

    This platform meets the requirement of offshore working and non-restricted waters traveling.


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