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Congratulation for ROC Successful Delivery and Shipping of Steel Piles
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The two steel piles which was fabricated by ROC for Huadian Heavy Industries were shipped successively recently. The diameter of one of them is 6.3m, LoA is 63.77m, Gross Weight approx.612 tons; Another one is 6.1m diameter, LoA 64.33m, Gross Weight approx.597 tons; The fabrication of steel piles were completed successfully after strict inspection by the Employer, Contractor and Supervisor, and finally win the
praise from all parties!
ROC has delivered 3 steel piles in total to date, and another two was scheduled to be shipped at the end of July 2017, which will be used as the foundation of offshore wind power. This means a great new step was made by the company to supply the solution for offshore wind power.



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