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Warm Congratulations to the Delivery and Sailing of ROC 4000T Self-propelled Heavy Lift Vessel
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Sailing ceremony of the 4000T Self-propelled Heavy Lift Vessel was held successfully at ROC's quayside at 07:18AM on 4 July 2017. The vessel was built by ROC for the Holland owner Royal IHC. The enduser NORMALUX, representative of Royal IHC and the top management of ROC attended the ceremony.
Under the unremitting efforts of all members from N1026 project team, the Vessel was finally delivered and sailed successfully from Yard's quayside. The LoA of the vessel is 108m, Molded Breadth 48.4m, Moulded Depth 8m, mainly serve for the Europe offshore market, heavy lifting works, installation of the wind power facilities, maintenance etc. Registered with LR notation.


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