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Enterprise Culture
15 Major Factors

Strategic Drive: Clear Target System
Professional and Honest:stablish brand with professional and honest, expand value-added service with brand
Team Collaboration:regulated management style
Procedure and data management:Progressive, sharing spirit
Development determination:business realization on resource, profit, brand

2、4 Majour Concept

1)Market and Client Concept:
Perfect contract execution is the best honesty to the client
l Contract execution honesty is the weapon to attract the market
l Product for niche client, and become the excellent leader of niche market
l Commercial mode match with the market, product and characters chosen by client

2Business Concept

No profit makes no qualified competition to the others. However, price and cost is not the profit mode, but it only a capability of holding the market.

3Management Concept

l Simple Principle:
  Only simplest can make lean, and only lean work can make perfect.
  Simplified area:product type and design, workmanship and procedure, business channel…
  Simplified method:find the simplest 20% of all the business, simplify the complicated and cancel those impossible to be done.
l The Basic Principle of The Procedure:
  Procedure comes first rather than leadership
  Procedure to work is as per rules, against experientialism and petty tricks.
l Quality is Uppermost:
  we based on and continuously concentrate on each detail
  Quality is the basis of exchange work value between staff and enterprise and exchange of commercial value between enterprise and clients
  Quality is a collaboration system demonstrated by numbers, enterprise and staff find target of consistent improvement and training through quality numbers.
  We recommend quality self-management system, i.e. under the management of quality system: execution of self-management on each position through emphasizing the establishment and training of the quality standard, workmanship execution, self-check/mutual check on work procedure and corresponding performance evaluation.
l Collaboration Principle: 
  Offshore industry is multi-craft and multi-professional manufacture work, which require a team of high coordination and well arrangement.

l Time principle:
  Time is money reflected o efficiency
  Each enterprise management activity shall fall on corresponding timetable.

4Team principle

Encourage uprightness:
make those willing to suffer looses will not suffer any looses; prevent the adventurers from earning profit and punish the sluggards.
Encourage practicability:each of the staff is the supporter and server of the team.
l Insist on perfect, with full passion and exert the best to promote contract performance of each project
l Forever keep the passionate and professional infection to client
l Team is superior to any of outstanding personage.
l Professional and enterprising, collaborative and mutual trust, consistent execution.
l Each of the member shall keep honest firmly forever.
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