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Staff Training

Training Target: Service Company,service staff.
Training Purpose: full participation, staff traff training, everyone can be talent.
Training Policy: self training combined with imparting training. Working skills training combined withprofessional knowledge.
Training Principles: systemic, institutionalized, diversity, initiative and benbficial.
Systenic: staff training is a whole staff involving, all around consistent system project through employee’s career.
Institutionalized: estabishing and perfceting the system of training management, make the training a routine and rule, ensure that the training is fulfilled.
Initiative: emphasis on emplyees’participation and interaction, stimulate their initiative.
Variety: fully consider the gradation and type of employees, and adopt diverse training content and form.
Beneficial: staff training is the process of personnel, financial, and material inputs, is a value added process, Training shall have output and retum and help to improve the overall performance of the company.

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