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ROC Successfully Held the First RHI "ROC Cup" Whipped Egg Contest

To further enrich employees’ cultural life, create healthy and upward cultural atmosphere, and develop teamwork spirit, on Jun 14, ROC held the first RHI "ROC Cup" Whipped Egg Contest in Qidong Nature Holiday Center. Whipped egg elites from RHI subsidiaries, Client and Qidong Marine Park merrily gathered, orderly drew lots under the guidance of the working staff. Two persons made in pairs, and four people started competition for a round. A knock-out system was adopted for the contest.

After the host announced the competition rules, the contestants soon fell into roles and had tacit cooperation. Sometimes they met challenges calmly and responded quickly, and sometimes they talk cheerfully and coped flexibly. The atmosphere was harmonious and happy, and the competitions were exciting. After many rounds of fierce competition for six hours, the contest ended in laughter. Finally, RHI Zhu Junsheng, Sun Jian won the first place, and RHM Zhu Tongtong , Wang Qingle, and Gu Xiang, Zhao Yunxin won the second place and third place respectively.

In recent years, with the maturity and development of RHI enterprise culture construction, the participation and influence of various cultural activities are increasing day by day. The contest not only built a communication platform for the lovers of "whipped egg" to show their skills in spare time, but also showed the RHI harmonious and positive spirit and the rich and colorful cultural life. The activity greatly stimulated everyone's enthusiasm and interest, and enhanced the cohesion.