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Great news! ROC Signed Contract of 60 Sets of Huawei Qidong H1#H2 Offshore Wind Power Monopoles and Cages with Customer

Good news of winning bid spread ROC successively. Recently, the contract between ROC and the EPCI CCCC First Harbor on Fabrication of Jiangsu Huawei Qidong H1#H2 Offshore Wind Power Monopole and Cage Project formally took effect, which marked that ROC got another big order after winning bid of Zhejiang Energy Shengsi No. 2 Offshore Wind Power Monopile and Cage Project on Jun 10. 

Jiangsu Huawei Qidong H1#H2 offshore wind farm is located in offshore area of Qidong. The center point is about 32km away from the shore. The wind farm is rectangular. It's about 8km from north to south, and 5km from east to west. The planned wind farm area is about 40km², installed capacity is 500MW. The topography change of seabed is comparatively gently, and the water depth is between 6 and 13m. The planned total installed capacity of the wind farm is 500MW.

The signed Jiangsu Huawei Qidong H1#H2 offshore wind farm mainly includes 60 sets of offshore wind power monopoles and cages, with total weight over 65,000t. ROC will continue to carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties and building with ingenuity to meet new challenges with the most enthusiasm.