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Jack Up Test of “Offshore Wind O&M 801” Platform for Large Parts Replacement, Operation and Maintenance was successfully held

“Offshore Wind O&M 801” is the first domestic jack up platform for large parts replacement, operation and maintenance in offshore wind power industry. The project has already lasted for 13 months since Apr 3, 2019. During the construction, all ROC staff overcame all kinds of difficulties like bad weather and coronovirus, and completed each milestone as scheduled. The platform formally left ROC jetty on Jun 5, 2020, and started its 25-day jack up test.

To ensure the success of jack up test, ROC attached great importance, well organized the tasks and set up a sea trial team headed by Assistant General Manager. During the test, each department gave full play to ROC craftsman spirit, worked day and night, check every detail and deal with each problem carefully. All regular sea trial items in charge by ROC were completed on Jun 7.

At present, the jack up test went smoothly. ROC’s main follow-up task is to assist commissioning of RHM main crane (600T) and WMMP jack up system and 120T auxiliary crane. We firmly believe that, with such a strong team, ROC is sure to complete all kinds of tests successfully and return to ROC jetty smoothly on Jun 30 as expectations.