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Striving in May! ROC Completed Several Major Milestones of Offshore Wind Power Projects

      On the afternoon of May 23, 2020, the acceptance ceremony of the first piece of monopile for Qidong H1 Offshore Wind Power Project was held in ROC by Client, EPCI, Supervising Company and Design Company.

      The acceptance ceremony gathered focus from various participants of this project. Jiangsu Huawei Wind Power Co., Ltd, Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited, Shanghai Donghua Construction Co., Ltd and CCCC First Harbor Qidong H1 Project Department attended the acceptance inspection.

      The acceptance ceremony is quite significant since it’s the first offshore wind power project in Qidong, meanwhile, the monopile is also the first piece. The outer diameter of the top is 6.5m, the outer diameter of the bottom is 7.48m, the total length is 75m and the unit weight is 930.56t. From May 5, ROC project department received complete drawings, it took 18 days to complete fabrication and delivery, which created the shortest record of monopile construction.

      On May 26, 2020, through 20 days of round-the-clock efforts by all parties, the first monopile (79#) of SPIC Jiangsu Rudong H14 Project was successfully delivered.

      2020 is a year of rapid development of offshore wind power industry. How to integrate existing resources in the shortest time and coordinate various departments to promote project steadily and rapidly is the biggest difficulty that we face. The first batch monopile of SPIC Rudong H4 project was faced with difficulties like short period, heavy tasks and bad weather. Each party tried best to overcome the difficulties. ROC arranged two project managers to work in two shifts to track project progress and quality. Any problems occurred during construction was solved immediately by each department. All these ensured the delivery time and quality. Since it’s known that the sea was rough and vessels were busy, ROC arranged 2 alternative vessels, which effectively ensured 79# monopile can be sent to the designated place safely before piling.

      The successful delivery of 79# monopile marked the progress of SPIC Jiangsu Rudong H14, which started the construction period of main project. ROC’s offshore wind power project embarked on a new journey.

      In May, efforts made by management team and construction team ensured ROC’s target of “guarantee delivery”. Many offshore wind power monopiles were delivered like Mingyang Yangjiang 300MW Offshore Wind Power Project, Sanxia Yangjiang 300MW Offshore Wind Power Project, Binhai South H3 Offshore Wind Power Project and Qidong H1 Offshore Wind Power Project. The monthly delivery capacity reached nearly 15000T, which further consolidate ROC’s leading role in offshore wind power monopile industry.