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Qidong Municipal Party Secretary Investigated ROC’s Current Project Progress of Offshore Wind Power Monopile and Pressure Vessel

On May 11, Qidong Municipal Party Secretary Mr. Wang Xiaobin and his delegation went to ROC and checked project status of offshore wind power monopile and pressure vessel, and got a detailed understanding of the construction progress. ROC’s Executive Director Mr. Shi Xiaoyue and Deputy General Manager Mr. Shao Xiwu warmly received them.

Mr. Shi Xiaoyue had a detailed description of the project plan and prospect. He introduced that the newly constructed workshop is north to the original steel structure workshop. It covers an area of 9848 square meters, with length of 252m, width of 39m and height of 27.5m. It’s newly equipped 115 sets of facilities like cranes, turning rolls and cutting machines. The workshop is estimated to provide 80000 ton production capacity annually after put into operation.

After the investigation, Mr. Wang Xiaobin positively affirmed the achievements made by ROC in recent years, and meanwhile put forward higher requirements and expectations for future development. Mr. Shi Xiaoyue Expressed that ROC will grasp the opportunities, expand production scale, explore new market, and try to create new growth points for Qidong economic development.